History of the breed

Once Bernese had to work hard to earn love and respect of a man. They were used to carry a milk carriages, guard the belongings and the herds. Today they rarely work. They have become one of the most popular and the most wanted breeds of dogs. They are great companions, irreplaceable four-legged family members, doing well in all kinds of training.

The look

Bernese dog is harmoniously built, strong, moderately large. Its coat is shiny and slightly wavy, and in the tri-color coat the dominant is black. It has a gleaming white front of the chest, creating so-called Swiss cross. Brown markings appear on the muzzle, above the eyes and on the feet. It is desirable for the dog to have white feet and a white tail tip. White on the muzzle makes the dog look friendly.

The character

It is difficult to see in the Bernese any affectation - it effects the surroundings by its positive aura. All these features emphasize the harmony and beauty of its construction. The mirror of the heart is a friendly look of brown eyes. Bernese love the whole world, and especially their owners. It is the commitment to human, kindliness and gentle nature that makes ​​the Bernese ideal family dog​​. However, do not forget that it is also a companion and a guardian that you can rely on although it barks only when really necessary. In everyday situations it is alerted and brave dog. Watchful and steady, it is easy to train.


Bernese very strongly become attached to people. For people living alone, especially the ones who travel as well, this is not the right dog. As family dogs they feel the best in a house full of people - when everyone from the herd is present. In fact, they are ideal partners for people who love nature, those who will be able to give their dog enough time and attention and fulfill its needs. Bernese is a great companion for long walks across the fields and woods - always with a man, close - because it does not belong to dogs that likes to run far ahead. This does not mean that the young Bernese do not need to have fun... in fact they can be real scamps sometimes.


Unfortunately, the popularity of the breed in Poland has had a negative impact on the quality of breeding. They were people who - looking only after the business - reproduced Bernese without concern for their external  look and character. As a result, today you can find many Bernese very shy or aggressive - which is completely unacceptable for representatives of the breed. Buying a puppy make sure - getting to know the breeder, kennel and ancestors of the animal - that you really buy true Bernese from flesh and blood.


If you decide to buy a dog from a kennel, you have the right to expect that the breeder complies with the applicable standards. Breeders affiliated to the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) do everything possible not only to comply with those standards, but to constantly improve them. Of course one can not expect that the breeder will issue us a warranty card on a living creature, but every breeder associated with ZKwP will do everything in his power to sell you a healthy puppy.

All information about the Bernese Mountain Dog breed comes from a great book wrote by  Margit Bürner called "Bernese Mountain Dog" - which I highly recommend