How it started

Since I can remember there have always been animals in my family house. I mean not only our beloved dogs but also pigeons, parrots, canaries, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, animals, rescued blackbirds, cats, hedgehogs and once even a squirrel. I always wanted to become a vet, but my childhood dreams did not came true. When it was a time to leave my parents and move out I knew, that my future life will also look the same otherwise I won't be happy.

I set up my own family and together with my husband and our kids we continue my "animal" adventure. There are many animals crossing our doors - those chosen by us and those which came here by accident when saved from some troubles.

When we first met Bernese Mountain Dogs we knew immediately, that this is it. We have read a lot about the breed, possible diseases which happen to these dogs and about so called "fake" kennels. Thanks to that we have made a conscious decision that it will be a bitch with a pedigree from a real kennel.

During our searching we found her - Holly from Z Lubinia Wielkopolskiego kennel. She has stolen our hearts the first moment we saw her. Soon after we decided to go to our first dog show and we knew it won't be our last one.  As Holly was getting more and more good results at the dog shows slowly we started to think about setting up our own kennel to make these beautiful family dogs more popular.

When Holly turned 18 months we brought her a gift one day - a fellow to play around. That is how our next Bernese came to our house. It was Arwena from Zagroda Zachodnich Wiatrow kennel. They loved each other from the first day and since then they are inseparable friends. We love to watch them each day as they play together in our garden.

Finally on April 24th 2012 Polish Kennel Club officially registered our kennel "From Jasmine Shelter FCI" under  4657/J number and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale under 412/12 number.

We are a small kennel. Our dogs are well cared for, healthy and under constant veterinary supervision.

About us

o_nas1.jpg Who we really are

We live in western Poland near the city of Poznan. We are lucky that our house is at the end of closed street so we have very quiet neighborhood. That is also the reason why we call our kennel "From Jasmine Shelter".

We love animals - we have 3 dogs and 3 cats... so far :-)

Our mission

  • 1
    Popularization of the breed
    Great character of Bernese Mountain Dog is a reason why we wanted to contribute to the popularization of the breed, particularly that most people we meet on our walks do not know the Bernese.
  • 2
    Our passion is to explore the mechanisms of dog's behavior. We want it so that in the future those who will buy a puppy from us will be fully informed about dogs behavior and habits in order to avoid later disappointment.
  • 3
    Stop to "fake kennels"
    We try to educate people that the pedigree is not only an "expensive paper" but also and above all a guarantee that the dog will behave and look as expected. Having a pet is a big responsibility that should start with the right selection of the place you buy it from.